Junior, Intermediate, and Teen classes

Jr., Intermediate, & Teen ClassesHIP HOP BOYZ
Age 6 – 12

A blend of high energy “street-style” movement such as breaking, pop’n, lock’n, krump’n to name a few. This class allows the student to improve their own style and self-expression.

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Junior Levels 1 & 2 – Age 7 – 9
Intermediate Levels 1 & 2 – Age 10 – 12
Teen – Age 13 and up

An exciting class that teachers the essential techniques and flexibility of dance. We will dance to a variety of music from “pop” music to Broadway show tunes. More advanced levels of jazz will work on jumps, leaps and turns. We will continue to work on basic technique and start introducing the students ability to perform choreography on an emotional level.

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Junior – Age 7 to 9
Intermediate/Teen – Age 10 and up

The foundation of all dance forms. Body placement, alignment, strength and technique will be achieved through barre and floor work.

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Junior – Age 7 to 9
Intermediate/Teen – Age 10 and up

Tap is an art form that focuses on rhythm and sound. Students will learn articulation of legs, ankles, feet and usage of the upper body. View Schedule and Register…

Junior – Age 5 – 9
Intermediate & Senior – Age 10 and up

This class concentrates on improving technique and performance in ALL dance forms by strengthening the body while improving coordination, balance, alignment and flexibility. View Schedule and Register…

Acrodance 1 – Age 7 to 9
Acrodance 2 – Age 7 to 9 – Must have 2 years or more experience and/or at class level
Intermediate 1 – Age 10 and up
Intermediate 2 – Age 10 and up – Must have 2 years or more experience and/or at class level
Advanced Acro

Combination of dance and gymnastics. Provides the basic building blocks necessary to perform fundamental tumbling skills like a forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round off and walkovers. More advanced skills such as back hand springs and ariels will be introduced. The focus is on self confidence, physical conditioning, strength, flexibility, control and endurance, while having fun! View Schedule and Register…

For our up and coming stars, this class combines lip syncing, singing, acting and dance. View Schedule and Register…

A unique program that includes dance, vocals, and acting. “Triple Threats” are highly sought after in the musical theatre business, and becoming the norm for performers today. View Schedule and Register…